Admissions open for 2024-25

The school plans to start 11th & 12th ISC in June 2025


Welcome to the class of the future

‘May you live in interesting times’ said Confucius. One look around and we know his wish has come true.
Boundaries everywhere and on every front are being pushed.

The world is changing in the blink of an eye.

India’s tremendous scientific achievements besides all round economic growth and momentum fuelled by corporates and the vibrant startup ecosystem have created unimaginable possibilities for our youth, across the world. It is therefore imperative that our students are well prepared for these opportunities that await them in the future.
According to renowned speaker and author, Sir Ken Robinson, we have to prepare to teach our children today, skills they’ll need, to help them in their work place in the future. A Herculean task when we consider it’s practically impossible to predict what the world will be like 5 years from now.
However, good human values and a curious and questioning mind will always enable a person stand steadfast in the face of rapid change.
It is our mission at Brookfield High, to instil in our students these qualities. To imbibe in them the love for learning besides development of personal skills. So, no matter what the future holds, they’ll be equipped and ready. The leaders of tomorrow.

Shaping global leaders of tomorrow

India, as a leading emerging economy, needs to provide significant global leadership in the coming decades. This will provide unimaginable opportunities for the youth of our country. Brookfield High specifically addresses the future needs of an increasingly globalised Indian economy. It also seeks to develop the full leadership potential of our young and aspiring students.